A lifetime of service to North Carolina

Committed to improving North Carolina’s future.

Robert Brawley’s extensive knowledge of insurance policies and regulations, coupled with his commitment to consumer protection, make him an ideal choice for the position of Commissioner of Insurance.


Why Robert

Vote Robert Brawley for NC Commissioner of Insurance to strengthen our state’s future.


A steadfast commitment to safeguarding consumers and promoting transparency within the insurance industry.

Community Driven

Prioritizing policies that not only protected consumers but also empowered communities to thrive and make informed insurance choices..

A love for NC

A tireless efforts to improve the lives of its residents during his time

We can make a difference in North Carolina

Why vote for Robert?

Robert Brawley’s long-standing dedication to public service and his experience in the insurance sector make him a strong candidate for the role of Commissioner of Insurance. His track record of advocating for policies that benefit both consumers and the insurance industry demonstrates his ability to find balanced solutions.

With Robert Brawley in office, North Carolina can expect a Commissioner who will work tirelessly to ensure fair and effective insurance practices for all residents.

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